Burnout and Game Design: A rambling thought dump

So, ill only really be posting this here and on tigs because i dunno if i want people who know me getting worried, but ive been experiencing a lot of burnout lately. Im constantly pushing myself to keep making this game as best as it possibly can be, but there has been times where ive been under a lot of stress. In particular, usually related to the story and the games main goal. See, when i started making this, i had no goal for blitzkampfer. I meant for it to be sort of a "Wander around and shoot stuff" kind of game. However, people who saw it always asked me, "Whats the goal? Why the hell am i here? Whats the point of a game without an end goal?". It led to me making up this idea on "the rift" where a galactic war was raging. My goal, i figured, was going to be to get the player to stop the war. However, that led to lots of tough things to think about. How does one stop the war? How do i go about making everything work? Do i set up an "Evil Council" type scenario? Do i aim to make the entire game impossible to beat, and showcase the hopelessness of war? I couldn't, and still cant, figure it out. I want to give a goal, but how do i do that for a game thats been literally just my thought process all this time? 

Other than my main game, theres also been game jams. Ive been joining a bunch, then having my ideas getting less and less interesting to me, and eventually abandoning them. Im pretty sure i just dont have inspiration for small projects. It takes a lot of my willpower just to work on blitzkampfer, and there are times where i cant even handle that. My best way to relieve stress atm has been guitar. Its kept me sane, but it also takes up even more of my time. I just have to figure out how to keep a balance, i guess.

Anyways, sorry about the total rambling mess, im not sure all of its coherent, but its mostly just a thought dump, tbh. Thanks for sticking with me!

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Looks like its at least coherentish. thats good.