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Blitzkampfer Beta

Open World Shmup with a CastleVania whip as your only weapon · By cjheighton


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Burnout and Game Design: A rambling thought dump
So, ill only really be posting this here and on tigs because i dunno if i want people who know me getting worried, but ive been experiencing a lot of burnout la...
Blitzkampfer Beta 1.9
Hey all, 1.9 is released. From 1.7-1.9, besides the bug fixes Implemented over the releases in the last two days, I have finalized and polished 5 entire songs...
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Blitzkampfer Beta v1.6 released!
Blitzkampfer Beta v1.6 lays the groundwork for a major portion of the game - the disposition system. As a result, of this being implemented. you will need to ju...
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Testers build 1.5 posted!
Okay. 1.5 is now live. What this means: a bunch of background work and fixes have been done, as well as some ground work for whats coming in the next update. I'...
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Only start topics related to the game.

If the topic has already been started, dont make a duplicate. scan the existing threads, PLEASE.

Other than that... the usual, no cussing, no flaming, etc.