A downloadable game for Windows

Blitzkampfer is an open world space shmup being built in gamemaker studio.

currently there are three different randomly spawning events, (a capture the flag gamemode and a survival gamemode, and a crazy gauntlet mode, hurray for typicality) Three CRAZY bosses that are all ridiculously powerful (currently only one has three stages, but all three are ridiculously tough fights, this is an open world bullet hell after all.), A main stage that is pretty much standard freeroam (still crazy tough to survive in by the way, be prepared to die A LOT.), two players for up to two player games (go figure), 9 enemy types (2 of which are neutral) besides the bosses, and purchase-able items (not very many right now, but we will be working on that, it isnt implemented right now but will be for the final game.)

oh yeah, super casually now, please for the love of god feedback would be so helpful you have no idea. this is my first game ive put out into a large audience, and im aiming to make it the largest ive ever made and the first ive ever monetized and sold properly. in other words, if i do anything wrong, call me out on it and ill work at fixing my mistake. also, bugs and stuff are gonna be pretty numerous in this since its still very early on, so itd be a huge help if you all report whatever bugs you find. other than that.... any features you all think would be cool, feel free to drop them in the forums at the bottom of this page and ill try them; this game has so far been made about 80% in collaboration with the twitch.tv and tigsource forums community so im doing my best to keep up this awesome involvement from fans over here too.

okay, that's about it from me, i wrote all this at midnight and i am physically shaking here from fear and anticipation, so ill sign off since this probably reads super strangely. thanks for dropping in and enjoy the current version of blitzkampfer!


livestreams for this game are regular in number and irregular in schedule, feel free to follow www.twitch.tv/cjheighton if you want to drop in when im working on this game, also we have a page on tigsource forums, which is where 90% of the games updates will probably be:


More information

Published62 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsOpen World, Shoot 'Em Up, Top down shooter
Average durationAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
Player count1 - 2
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer

Install instructions

go to the installation tab of this page, click download, once your download has finished extract the folder that you have downloaded, open the folder and double click blitzkampfer.exe. enjoy!


BlitzKampfer beta 1.1.5.zip (5 MB)